You Can Have What You Say!

October 16, 2013 - Comment

You receive and have in your life exactly what you believe for and say.

You receive and have in your life exactly what you believe for and say.


davyjohn1 says:

A short but excellent book…. I loved this short book from the very start…..And straight away my doubts came in to play, I thought is this just another holy man favoured by God to do and recieve great miracles in his life, and that might be the case here, some people do have these wonderous powers attached to them in their life, but reading this book will surely boost a persons faith in God, as the book states its all down to what you say and believe, Personaly I do believe this book to be very truthful in the application of Gods divine power here on this earth we live upon, Words are indeed powerful and if the reader understands the power behind his or her words,that is the divine source, then even a short book like this could dramatically change anyones life….It was Jesus christ who said “Apart from me ye can do nothing”, so its not just the words or the wonderful content of this book but what lies behind it that counts….

Wenna from Wales "book worm" says:

Yoou can have what you say I think this is the most cheery book I have read for a long time. Try it and put it into operation. You need to be a Christian. Confess all your wrong doings to our heavenly Father and ask him to forgive you because Jesus christ took all our wrong doings and suffered on Calvary for us. He died, gave us his all and God his father raised him from the dead, we celebrate this at Easter. It is wonderful. Try it and see!

Anonymous says:

I have read a few of Kenneths books now and they are really inspiring and with faith who knows what will happen ?

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