Our Constitution

Our Constitution


Article 1

The name of the association shall be known as the PREMPEH COLLEGE OLD STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, UK – AMANFOO.


The aims of the association are:

2.1 To promote the spirit of Prempeh College and the integration amongst members and support each other at all times.
2.2 To mobilise enthusiastic Prempeh College Old Students resident in the United Kingdom to recognise the need for unity among members and take measures that will lead to the accomplishment of the Aims and aspirations
2.3 To support members and their immediate families who are in condition of need, hardship or distress and those who are medically unwell residing in the United Kingdom.
2.4 To raise funds through financial contributions and freewill donations from members and the general public.
2.5 To help organise and assist with individual members’ merriment and bereavement. This however, should be on a voluntary basis .and with the explicit consent of the member in question.

Article 11


In furtherance to the afore mentioned aims and aspirations but not further or otherwise indicated, the Association shall have the following powers: –

1.1 To raise funds and to receive contributions from members or persons by way of subscriptions or otherwise, subject to such considerations as may be required by law.
1.2 To purchase, take on lease, hire, otherwise acquire and hold personal property of any kind or any right or any interest therein which the Association may deem necessary for the promotion of its objectives.(From members’ dues collection)
1.3 To invest the money of the Association in or upon such investment securities or properties as may be found reasonable and with such sanction, if any, as may be prescribed by law.
1.4 To do all such things as shall further the above objects or any of them.
1.5 To undertake any charitable projects/fundraising activities, to support the school Prempeh College in their quest to achieve a higher standard of education, as well as any other charitable initiative deemed fit.

Article 111:


The association shall be composed of members who by mutual consent agreed to form this fellowship and abide by the Constitution.
1.1: Membership shall be open to all enthusiastic Prempeh College Old Students resident in the United Kingdom.
1.2: Members shall be entitled to attend and vote at all meetings so long as the member’s current subscription is not more than THREE months in arrears
1.3 Member will be required to complete an application form, which must be validated by the President & Vice-President/Executives
1.4: The association shall have the right, for good reason and sufficient reason/evidence to terminate the membership of any person who exhibits behaviour or actions contrary to the spirit and principles of the aims and aspirations of the association. The member shall have the right to attend and be heard by the Executive Committee before a decision is made.
1.5: All membership will be renewed on a yearly basis; this will have to be completed by January 31st, during the annual General Meeting
1.6: Each member of the Association shall be provided with a copy of the constitution.
1.7: Membership dues shall be fixed at £15.00 a month and can only be increased or decreased with a two thirds majority vote of consent of members at special meeting arranged to determine the level of contribution.
1.8: All moneys paid to the Association in whatever form shall not be refundable.
1.9: Membership dues shall be paid to the treasurer on the first day of each month or at the commencement of the monthly meetings and the dues shall be paid by Cheque (payable to Prempeh College Old Students Association) , Cash or Standing Order.
2.0: The Association shall meet on the last Sunday of each month and until such period that the Association shall have a fixed Address, the venue of meetings shall be determined at the close of each meeting.
2.1: Meetings shall be for duration of no more than two hours and the secretary of the Association and or his deputy shall send the agenda for the next meeting to individual members via e-mail or text before the next scheduled meeting date.
2.2: PUNCTUALITY is paramount. All members are encouraged and expected to be on time, in order not to disrupt deliberations.. Issues already discussed will not be retrospectively discussed under such circumstance.
2.3: Meetings shall be conducted in an orderly fashion. Members are encouraged to refrain from using abusive/offensive language and there will be no alcohol consumption during meetings
2.4: Any member, who misses a meeting without an apology or valid reason consecutively for two periods, must be contacted by the welfare team, to understand whether support/help is required. The Welfare team in conjunction with the General Secretary shall maintain record of attendance and should be notified by members of anticipated absence(s) to meetings.
2.5: There must be at least half of the members present to form a quorum. Members should endeavour to attend at least 75% (8 out of 12) meetings. Where attendance falls below the stated expected levels, members will not receive full entitlement to benefits.
2.6: No member, active or otherwise shall bring any legal proceedings against the Association during its existence.

Article 1V


The Association shall set up an account from which it shall fund all the associations’ activities
1.1 The fund shall at all times have a minimum balance of £2500 and any increment shall be through individual contribution or through the prescribed monthly membership dues.
1.2 A lump sum figure as shown shall be paid to any member bereaved which will be limited to 2 members of the individual member’s immediate family and such monies shall be levied from individual members
1.3 Members shall refrain from collecting monies in the name of the name of the association, at Funerals and any gathering
1.4 These Standard welfare payments outlined shall be made to members who QUALIFY STRICTLY according to the criteria set out in the constitution.
1.5 In addition to the association’s lump sum welfare payments to qualifying individuals, the association will also encourage other members to attend bereavement or merriment functions of members based on a formal invitation by the executives. Individual members attending such functions may make additional donations in cash or kind to the member in question and their family at their own discretion.
1.6 Payments made to members shall be determined by the Finance team in consultation with the executives who shall sit and determine if such a members have fulfilled the criteria for the payment. Only after such a meeting, which should be convened at the earliest opportunity following formal official notification to the executives, should any commitment be made verbally or in writing to the member whom payment is to be made.
1.7 If they decide a member has not fulfilled all the criteria (FULL CRITERIA) as stated below but his circumstance after consideration merits some payment the executives shall possess the power to pay out a fraction of the entitlement which will be no more than £150. Members in the probation period are not entitled to any payouts?
1.8 A lump sum figure shall also be paid to any member in times of merriment namely marriage, engagement, and christening of member’s children.
1.9 Qualification for FULL entitlement of sub sections 1.6 and 1.7 will be subject to members satisfying all the criteria listed (not in isolation):

  • Member’s monthly subscription being up to date or not more than 3 months in arrears.
  • Attendance of at least 75% of meetings (8 out of 12 or equivalent calculated attendances) in a calendar year or pro rata.
  • Completed application forms.
  • Having satisfied the six months probationary period.
Death of member £1000
Death of Spouse £1000
Death of parent/guardian £500
Death of child(ren) £500
Birth / Wedding / Christening £200
In the event of death or merriment as above Members will visit with drinks not > £50

Article V


1.1 The President & Vice-President shall be elected by an open ballot for a period of 36 months, and only at an Annual General Meeting, on the last Sunday in January.(Takes effect from January 2015 onwards)
1.2 Only members who have paid their dues up to date or not in arrears of more than 3 months shall be eligible to vote.
1.3 Thirty days before the holding of elections, inventories of the Association’s funds and properties shall be taken, and its account audited and handed over to the incoming executives within the next Sixty days.
1.4 The President, in conjunction with the Vice-President, shall appoint their executive members.
1.5 The President, in conjunction with the Vice-President, shall be free to reshuffle the executives, whenever, they deem fit, announcing any changes at the Annual General Meeting, on the last Sunday of January or at a time they deem appropriate.
1.6 The position of the President & Vice-President shall be elected by open ballot, Independently and no one member can stand for both positions.

Article V1


The Executives shall be:
President and Vice (2nd Vice-Optional)
General Secretary and Assistant
Treasurer (Finance) and Assistant
Welfare Secretary and Assistant(s): (Number to be determined by the President)
Organising Secretary and assistant
Public Relations & Assistant (New role created, still ironing out specific duties)
Non-Executive / ex- official Members (Council of Seniors)

Duties of the executives

1.0 Our Values

To demonstrate & Uphold our values, encourage & support its use throughout the association.
– Respect: We respect and value fellow members and the contributions they make.
– Integrity: We act ethically, fairly and honestly in all we do.
– Ownership: We take responsibility for our actions.

1.1 President/Chairman (See Appendix A)

The president shall be the chief executive of the association and shall preside over all meetings. He will have overall responsibility for effective management of Association.
Provide the Vision, Strategy & leadership for the association. Be exemplary in his behaviour, act as a role model.

In his absence, the Vice-President shall preside. In the event of both being out or absent, a member may be elected from the executives to chair & lead proceedings. The vice- President will act in the absence of the President in all matters.

The executives shall have powers to take any decisions in the interest of the association, in the absence of the President, except for transactions that shall involve expenditure of more than £100.

1.1.1 Vice-President

Supporting the President’s office in overall responsibility for effective management of the association, the Vice-President will have overall responsibility for any School Project, from planning, fundraising (In conjunction with Organising) to Implementation.

1.2 General Secretary

The General Secretary shall keep the minutes of every meeting of both the Executive and General meetings and shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Association. They would ensure all meetings minutes, in addition to financial reports from AGM in January, are stored securely, electronically. Responsibility for effective and clear communication strategy & Implementation.

1.3 Treasurer (Finance)
The treasurer shall receive all moneys of the Association and shall make any payments on behalf of the Association on advice from executives. He shall be responsible for the Bank accounts and all financial matters of the Association. He will prepare a comprehensive financial report, each year for presentation at the Annual General Meeting, in January & July.

1.4 Welfare Secretary

The Welfare Secretary shall act as the bridge between other executives and members of the Association. He shall also have the responsibility of arranging to visit the needy, distressed and bereaved members of the Association and to report to the other members as may be requested, and shall in so doing co-opt any registered member to assist him if necessary or desirable. Create a viable plan, with support of executives, to increasing & retaining members.

1.5 Organising Secretary
The Organising Secretary shall be responsible for organising meetings, get-together, ,fund raising activities as shall be determined by mutual consent or two-thirds majority of the members, and shall in so doing co-opt any registered member to assist him if necessary or desirable. Provide clear & detailed plan for each Function/Event, we undertake

1.6 Council of seniors: Responsibilities of this team to be outlined by THE PRESIDENT. This will include, amongst other things:

  • Advisors to the President
  • Intercessional

Article V11


The executive shall meet monthly and six members shall form a quorum. The committee shall have the power to co-opt and appoint any further sub-committee they consider necessary. The committee shall administer the business of the Association consistently with these rules, but shall be empowered to make such regulations or bye-laws or to take such other steps as required to deal with circumstances not provided for in the constitution e.g. they may put a cap on the number of association members if needed.

1.1 General Meeting shall be held on the last Sunday of each month until members decide to the contrary.

1.2 The meetings shall be held at such place or places the Association shall from time to time decide.

1.3 Extraordinary General Meeting – The Executive committee shall have the power to call an EGM at any time subject to seven days notice being given to members. The Secretary shall call an EGM on receipt of a request signed by not less than Fifteen members of the total membership and such meetings shall held not less than fourteen days after receipt of the request and seven days notice shall be given to members whenever possible.

1.4 Annual General Meeting – Annual general meeting shall be held on the last Sunday in January. The Secretary shall give to members a 21 days’ notice of the date and place of the meeting. An Annual Report containing the financial and other activities of the Association shall be submitted before all members. Registrations of all members to be renewed.

1.5 Bank Accounts – The Bank account has been opened with Barclays Bank. The Bank Account shall be operated by TRUSTEES consisting of any two of the following officers until otherwise decided by members:

  • The President
  • Secretary /Welfare
  • Treasurer

1.6 General Levying – The executive may decide to levy each member of the association when the need arises and the amount, within reason, will be decided by them on consultation with the members.

1.7 At Executive and General meeting refreshments will be made available, funded from the association’s coffers. Trips, parties and other socialising events will also be organised according to our financial status.

Article V111


1.1 A member wishing to resign may do so by writing to the secretary about his intention to do so at any time subject to 21 days notice being submitted to the President/secretary. An Executive member may at any time submit to the secretary in writing 30 days notice of his intention to resign his office. Such resignation shall be effective upon its acceptance by the association at a general or extraordinary meeting.

1.2 Alteration of Rules – The constitution may be amended by a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of the members of the Association present in person or by proxy at an AGM or at an EGM convened for that purpose and of which a notice has been served upon every member of the Association. Any proposed amendment of the constitution shall be submitted to the secretary within fourteen days before the date of the said meeting and shall give to all members’ seven-day notice of the proposed amendment(s), provided that no amendment shall be made to this constitution so as to cause the Association to cease.

1.3 Dissolution – The dissolution of the Association may be effected only by the resolution passed by three-quarters majority of members of the Association present in person at an EGM convened for that purpose and of which notice has been served on every member of the Association at his last known address in the United Kingdom. If a motion to dissolve the Association is passed by the said majority, the Associations funds, property and assets (if any) shall be shared equally among it’s or surviving next of kin.

Article IX

Section 1: Order Of Business

  • Open Prayer (subject to discussion)
  • Reading and confirmation of previous minutes
  • Apologies for absence
  • Admission of new members & Introduction
  • Correspondence
  • Matters arising
  • Welfare reporting
  • Financial statement
  • Record of attending members for the day’s meeting (Secretary/PR)
  • Any other matters
  • Closing and REFRESHMENTS (alcohol intake permitted henceforth)

Section 2: Code of Conduct

  • Members will address each other as SENIOR.
  • Members shall refrain from the use of profane words or introduce any conversation or remarks that can potentially cause dissension
  • Any member who shows disregard to authority or to a member shall reprimanded by the Chairman and may be Suspended for the rest of the proceedings
  • Members are encouraged to use the Prempeh College TERMINOLOGIES.

Section 3: Offences
The following offences may warrant summarily dismissal from the association

    • Misappropriation of funds and falsification of the association’s records, divulging personal information inappropriately
    • Fighting or persistently disrupting meetings
    • Divulging matters discussed at meetings to others who are not entitled to them
    • Making false statement about the association’s activities or against a member to the detriment of the member’s reputation
    • Failure to comply with official instructions or decisions taken by the association/executives

Appendix A:


2007-2009: Mr. Micheal Donkor, Dr. Bright Gyampoh
2009-2011: Dr. Bright Gyampoh, Mr. Frank Obeng-Darko, Mr Albert Owusu
2011-2013: Mr Edward Nketiah, Mr Frank Obeng-Darko
2013 – Present: Mr. Albert Owusu, Mr Akwasi Ansah, Dr. Osei Kankam

Operative Date:
This constitution shall deem to come to effect after the next General Meeting January 31st 2014. SUBAN NE NIMDEE


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Our Constitution

Our Constitution

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