Final Quest

October 17, 2013 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Metaphorically Perfect There are few words deemable as worthy to discribe this book. Only the scriptures bring more truth to life than this vision. Mortal imagination cannot be responsible for the way it reaches through the pages and grabs your collar and forces you to read on. I read the entire book in one night after starting at around 9:00 pm and reading the last word at 1:30 am. The next day people could see a difference in the way I walked and talked and it was not form exhaustion. I was completely caught up in the things that I had experienced the night before. I was literally taken into and completely consumed by it’s power and I was never more grateful. I believe I have learned the secret to a successful life according to God and not man. I have recommended the book to all my friends and they are all just as captivated as I was. It has spurred an unbelievable interest in learning more from God’s word. Viewing life from this new vantage point has opened my eyes to the truths of the Word of…

Anonymous says:

DEFINITELY A WORD FROM THE LORD I am extremely reluctant to read Christian Books, especially when written by apparent PROPHETS. However this book was a total confirmation of so much i have been receiving & understanding. If you are serious with God, you must read it again, not for the sensationalism, but for the real message – SUBMIT TO GOD, LET HIM JUDGE US, His way, THEN LET HIM USE US – His way. Pray for the Grace to do this. Quick note to Rick, please for Gods sake and the poor who also need this message, do not over commercialise the Sales. It is afterall Gods word, and you must not profiteer from it, but use the financial proceed to fund free distribution to those who cant afford it. ??? Pray for grace to do this. God Bless

Anonymous says:

Vivid parallel of the spiritual realm today! I was given this book for my birthday, and devoured it by the next day. I’ve read it three times, and each time I understand more and more truths of the Word, the mountain of God, and how Jesus is the center of everything. It has opened my eyes more to the spiritual, thus drawing me closer to Jesus, and more careful in my ways. When I recommend it to my friends, I emphasize that Rick encourages the reader to base everything on the Bible, not on this vision.. but I add that I truly believe it is directly from the Lord. Each time I read it, the Holy Spirit brings new things to life, all backed up by the Word of God. I thank God for Rick Joyner’s ministry, and for the lady he used to give me the book. I’ve given several away as a result, and the recipients feel the same as I do. It’s great!

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